A Brief Summary of "Coronacion"

Don Andrés, the last surviving member of the wealthy Abalos family, feels that he has uselessly dedicated his 58 years of life to reading and searching for the reasons for existence. When he hires a 17-year-old farm girl to care for his senile grandmother, don Andrés cannot conceal the dark, shameful desires he feels for the girl. His psychological breakdown is inevitable, along with the deterioration of the Abalos mansion.

"Coronacion" Plot Development

The Movie Enormous trees surround the old mansion, creating a damp, gray atmosphere. Here lives doña Elisa de Abalos (María Cánepa), a wealthy old lady with advanced senile dementia. Apart from two old servants (Gabriela Medina, Myriam Palacios) who keep the house spotless, the old woman only sees her nephew Andrés Ábalos (Julio Jung), a seedy, old money bachelor who visits from time to time.

Estela (Adela Secall) is a young peasant girl of just 17, who has come to the house to care for doña Elisa.

Trapped by emotions he's never felt before, Andrés is ashamed of the powerful attraction he feels for Estela. He cannot understand how a man of his education, age and class can behave like a crazy adolescent, all because of a beautiful, insignificant young girl. The gentleman cannot avoid his internal conflicts, which build up until he's forced to face the fact that his life has been a waste. Andrés puts aside his books and starts to hustle the girl in a clumsy, childish fashion. The fearful Estela takes refuge in Mario (Paulo Meza), a humble, but attractive welder who works in a local workshop.




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